Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Mascot: Lolita Lyntha

Hello Everyone,

This is my mascot (^_^), chibi style, in full body view and she is the same girl in my banner. She is wearing my interpretation of Qi Lolita or Chinese style Lolita. Her outfit is influenced by Han clothing from the Han Dynasty. From what I can understand the "qi" is taken from the "qi" in qí páo, which the Chinese characters are 旗 袍. Because the Chinese language has many dialects, the character 旗 for this "qi" could be pronounced in different ways. In Mandarin this "qi" sounds like the word "key" with an up tone, while in Cantonese this "qi" sounds like the letter "k." Also when you see the letters "q" and "i" together, it is not always pronounced the same way when you see it. Because I have no idea what is the adopted pronunciation of the word "qi," I will stick with the Chinese character 旗 for individual pronunciation in their respective Chinese dialect.

There is more to anime, manga and comics than just what you read or watch. There is something beneath the surface. It is something deeper.

© 2009 Linda Thai


Anonymous said...

So which pronunciation do you prefer for "qi"? I always thought it was "kie". Should I say "key"?

Lyntha Tye said...

I usually go for the Mandarin, because the language is more "common." Plus it is the main language of China. The thing is, I would have to hear you pronounce it to be able to tell you whether or not you are saying it correctly in Mandarin. I also use the Cantonese one, since I speak the dialect more in conversations.