Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Blackjack/The AEON Kickstarter - 14 Days to Make This Real!

I am in the middle of the greatest opportunity that has ever come my way.
Last year I became part of a company called, The Arthawk Entertainment
Online Network (The AEON).

We’re developing a revolutionary new transmedia company that will provide
stories combining animation, games, & comics, on any Internet device, for free.
Money will be made through advertising & in-app purchases, much like such
products as “Candy Crush,” or “Temple Run.”

Recently we started a campaign for our online network. The link is here:

Monday, June 16, 2014

Getting to Know: John Stocker, Voice Director of Sailor Moon Part 7

Please read Part 6 of the interview before reading Part 7

Specific Events -
The Super Mario Brothers Show, The Adventures Super Mario Brothers 3, Super Mario World

I'd never heard of John Stocker until Anime Boston 2014 made their Sailor Moon guest announcement. That’s basically how I learned about his involvement in Sailor Moon. After looking up his name on the internet, I came across his IMBD resume and I learned that he portrayed Toad from The Super Mario Brothers Show.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Getting to Know: John Stocker, Voice Director of Sailor Moon Part 6

Please read Part 5 of the interview before reading Part 6

Specific Events - Sailor Moon continuation

When we have obtained a new responsibility, we might do some homework as preparation for completing the task at hand. It may be days or weeks in advance. However, in Stocker’s case, the cast and everyone else involved in the recording would not get the scripts or any of the video footage until…wait for it…right before they started recording. I kid you not. “Two or three days at the most for the scripts, and sometimes the other elements arrived at the studio well after our sessions were supposed to begin.” In another words, there isn’t much preparation time. “We often recorded lines we’d never seen till 5 minutes before we started work.”

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Getting to Know: John Stocker, Voice Director of Sailor Moon Part 5

Please read Part 4 of the interview before reading Part 5

Specific Events - Sailor Moon

Now we are getting to the part that you probably have been waiting for: his involvement with Sailor Moon.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Getting to Know: John Stocker, Voice Director of Sailor Moon Part 4

Please read Part 3 of the interview before reading Part 4

Voice Teaching with Stocker

Let’s add one more career to his resume: voice teaching. He had received a number of requests from voice agents who knew him and the aspiring talents that looked up to Stocker. At that point, he “realized there was a real need for one on one instruction.” He is not into the one room schoolhouse approach for voice acting lessons. If it was a classroom environment, he would be dealing with various levels of experience and skills of each student. Plus, he sincerely loves to shares what he's learned with others. “Perhaps, at the bottom of it all, is that human desire to be needed. I’m still an actor, and actors are actors because they need their egos stroked more than most people. I’m flattered by the attention.”

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Getting to Know: John Stocker, Voice Director of Sailor Moon Part 3

Please read Part 2 of the interview before reading Part 3

Voice Director Stocker

Another one of Stocker's careers is that of a Voice Director, which involves scheduling and knowing the script. In regards to the first, he has to schedule the recording and be sure that it is completed within the allotted time. Regarding the script, the recording is not done as a full cast ensemble. Because most animation is recorded one performer at a time, “I need to know how every single line in the script has to be delivered…Sometimes the two sides of a dialogue are recorded days or even weeks apart.”

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Getting to Know: John Stocker, Voice Director of Sailor Moon Part 2

Please read Part 1 of the interview before reading Part 2

Life of a Voice Actor continuation

The work is completed and you get your paycheck. I understand that some actors get paid even after they have already portrayed their characters for a TV series or movie. For example they get money from a portion of a DVD sale or possibly webstreaming. Stocker told me that these are called “residuals” and it is something that actors love. He goes on to explain the process, “commercials or animation productions run in cycles. Some are weekly and some are yearly. When the cycles are completed, the producers must pay performers again for the production to continue running. The amount of the payment is usually based upon a unit value, which is determined by the potential market audience in that particular locale.”

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Getting to Know: John Stocker, Voice Director of Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon was anime that many of us from the 1990's generation probably watched. Whether you are an anime fan or not, I'm pretty sure many have at least heard of the title. So when Anime Boston announced that they were bringing guests from the series I was in hype mode!

Now one of the guests intrigued me. Why you ask? Because he has an EXTENSIVE resume in the industry. I wanted to get to know John Stocker, not just as the Director of Sailor Moon, but as the multi talented individual. I wanted him to share with you his knowledge and experience. He kindly agreed and without further ado, I present to you: John Stocker.