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Getting to Know: John Stocker, Voice Director of Sailor Moon Part 7

Please read Part 6 of the interview before reading Part 7

Specific Events -
The Super Mario Brothers Show, The Adventures Super Mario Brothers 3, Super Mario World

I'd never heard of John Stocker until Anime Boston 2014 made their Sailor Moon guest announcement. That’s basically how I learned about his involvement in Sailor Moon. After looking up his name on the internet, I came across his IMBD resume and I learned that he portrayed Toad from The Super Mario Brothers Show.

At this point I was determined to dig up the DVD set and get his autograph. Plus, I wanted to learn a bit more about his involvement in the show. His experience with the show was “fabulous!” He worked with “great group of actors and production crew.” During this time in the animation, it was very different. “Certainly not as advanced technically as we are today, but there was a relaxed attitude that led to unmitigated camaraderie.”

Everyone in the Mario world knows Toad. Not only did he portray this known character, but in all three TV series, he voiced multiple characters. The multiple character roles were simply handed to him. Then when it came to figuring out the voices, including Toad, it was a “pretty organic” process. “If I couldn’t find the appropriate voice for the character immediately, we’d just play around until the right one popped up.”

Some Reflection

Since Stocker’s original intention was to be an actor and not what he is doing today, I was curious to know if he felt that he has accomplished everything he wanted to as a VA and director.

“Interesting question, since what I wanted then isn’t what I want now. Perspectives are constantly in flux. It’s been a great career. Since I’m very happy in my life today, I wouldn’t want to go back and change a thing, knowing it would impact upon where I am at this place in time. I’ve had a lot of great moments in my past. I only have this one moment in my present.”

Now let’s say he did not go down the path of a voice actor or director, what would he have pursued? “Landscape gardening.” His reasoning is simple this: “I like nothing more than putting on my rough clothes and work boots, then heading out into my back bush with my chain saw to cut some fence posts, or with my pry bar and shovel to dig out rocks for a new perennial garden. Sweat. Strain. Big grin. Solitude. Coupla cold beers. Life doesn’t get better.”

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