Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Blackjack/The AEON Kickstarter - 14 Days to Make This Real!

I am in the middle of the greatest opportunity that has ever come my way.
Last year I became part of a company called, The Arthawk Entertainment
Online Network (The AEON).

We’re developing a revolutionary new transmedia company that will provide
stories combining animation, games, & comics, on any Internet device, for free.
Money will be made through advertising & in-app purchases, much like such
products as “Candy Crush,” or “Temple Run.”

Recently we started a campaign for our online network. The link is here:

We also have a beta site, so people can see The AEON in action:

We have an international team of animators, comic book professionals, game
developers, & technical consultants behind this endeavor.

This is happening NOW.

Academy award winner Morgan Freeman has said that Blackjack is “… one who
fills a void in the pantheon of world class heroes … an animated series would be
something to see…”

And national media we've given us coverage:



I'm asking you to help support our campaign by making a pledge of $20.00, or
more, and to ask friends & family of like minds to do the same.
Our goal is $100,000 dollars. The money will be used:
• To raise the funds to finish the first transmedia episode of Blackjack. Part one
of the comic book story, a two-minute animated episode, and some
beginning gameplay.
• Reaching stretch goals will allow us to do everything from additional episodes
of Blackjack games, animation, & comics, to doing previews of our other
upcoming series, to producing a full season of our content.
• The funds will also enable us to get theatrical, & Video ON Demand (VOD)
distribution. We just need to pay lawyers to have contracts drawn up.
Kickstarter is all or nothing. If we don't make our funding goal, we get none of the

5000 people pledging $20.00 each, gets us our goal. 2000 people pledging
$50.00 each, also gets us our goal.

If you believe in me, and what I've spent the past 5 years working on non-stop,
then please pledge today. We only have 15 days left to reach our goal.

Just go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/695708507/the-aeon, and support
our work today.

Thank you for your time. Let's make this happen! Cheers! :)

Alex Simmons


Simmons Here and Now Press Release

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