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Getting to Know: John Stocker, Voice Director of Sailor Moon Part 5

Please read Part 4 of the interview before reading Part 5

Specific Events - Sailor Moon

Now we are getting to the part that you probably have been waiting for: his involvement with Sailor Moon.

It’s been many years since the debut of the anime and manga in North America. However, few things kept floating around amongst fans and non-fans. We heard about the manga re-launch by Kodansha USA, new USA licensed merchandise, a new artbook and a new anime. The fan base kept growing. Personally, I felt like Sailor Moon was coming back, but it just depends on how and at what pace. Then, I heard about Green Mustard Entertainment, Inc.’s guest appearance of Terri Hawkes, who voiced Sailor Moon. I was like what?! How? It’s been years? Why now? It’s been pretty quiet. Then the cast appearances from the English dub, which many of us grew up with, just kept popping up. Could it be because of the 20th anniversary or maybe it was something else?

So I just had to know from Stocker, what was the reasoning behind his decision to appear in multiple conventions as a Sailor Moon guest/panelist? “I didn’t actively pursue this. I was contacted by the folks at Anime North and asked if I’d like to appear as a guest. I was somewhat taken aback, but said ‘yes, sure’. After that, the emails started coming from different cons and I began reaching out to some others. I appear on my own or as part a fluctuating Sailor Moon ensemble. I love it. To all of you reading this, please invite me to yours!”

Now that my personal curiosity has been fulfilled, I wanted to know what it was like to direct the long time favorite series. Especially, since it was his FIRST voice directing job that happens to be an anime, I wonder did he have any concerns. Stocker was worried about one, only one thing: “to be truthful.” Having this new responsibility meant that he had to refocus his time dedication, which in turn caused a reduction in income. “I was fine with that. I was intrigued by the challenge. I never feared that I wouldn’t do well. I’ve never looked back.”

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