Thursday, September 13, 2018

#TBT as #NYCC2018 Approaches Part 2

Continuing with my previous Throwback Thursday posting, please continue to enjoy my observations and thoughts.

No matter how early you wake up to get on line for NYCC, you better be prepared for a lengthy line! At least there were staff members at specific check points to tell you which way to go. Unfortunately, the heat blazing upon all of us! Bring water and try to stay in the shade. Cosplay and sweat isn't compatible.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

#TBT as #NYCC 2018 Approaches Part 1

With the anticipating of New York Comic Con's arrival. I decided to take a look back at last year's event and foreshadow what I think may or may not happen again. Hopefully, I'll accomplish whatever I end up deciding to acquire, while having a pleasant experience. Enjoy!

My view of ALLLLLL the people in from of me and probably was lining up outside at the crack of dawn. Last year, I was able to get into the first row of the line, but this every year, you gotta figure out what time to wake up to bet the crowd. FYI - there are people who line up the night before...I ain't doing that.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Adventures at Anime NYC 2017 - Day 3, LAST DAY OF FUN!

Sunday tends to be the cool down day for cons, but I decided to cosplay as Yuki Katsuki and check out some activities that I didn't get a chance to. Catch up day it is!

First things first, especially since I knew how busy a certain booth would be, I ran straight to the arcade booths...with my handle disposable gloves to play Pop'n Music. Yeah, sorry but I had an unfortunate consequence of playing with video games in a public area. So, I was trying to prevent that from happening.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Adventures at Anime NYC 2017 - Day 2

It was Sailor Moon Day, and I cosplayed as Rei Hino! More about my cosplaying adventure in a separate post. That day was full of Sailor Moon related activities, but I'll give a general run down of my day 2 activities.

As always, I wake up as early as possible to get ready in full cosplay gear. My plan was to arrive early to get tickets for the Sailor Moon voice cast member signing. Well...that plan completely failed. As I was riding on the bus, I found out the tickets were ALL GONE! The show floor hasn't even opened yet! Tough luck for me.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Adventures at Anime NYC 2017 - Day 1

Alright time to tell you about my journey at the first AnimeNYC. I attended all three days and had some goals to accomplish. As always...SHOPPING!! Plus, freebies!!!! Try to have fun in cosplay and bump into some friends.

The adventure begins with Day 1. The hunt for items before they run out, especially promotional items that are not for sale. But first! Before I was able to enter the show floor, I had to get my inaugural AnimeNYC pin, which was a breeze. I was surprised to see that it really looks bright gold and not bright yellow. Sometimes gold as a color on items can come out dark or dull looking. Next it was waiting on a long line to get into the show floor. “Long” as in it extended and coiled like a snake in the spacious lobby. The wait wasn't terrible, but once I got in, I dashed to what I needed to get first!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Anisong World Matsuri Returns to Anime Expo 2018

Anisong festival returns to Microsoft Theater for the third year in a row with three-day, multi-artist music event

Santa Ana, Calif. (April 3, 2018) – Anime Expo (AX) is excited to present Anisong World Matsuri (AWM) at Anime Expo 2018 to be held on July 4, 6, and 7. AWM is created in association with BANDAI NAMCO Arts, Inc., Amuse Inc., Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc., and other leading Japanese entertainment companies.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Post Anime NYC with Kinokuniya Bookstore, New York

Anime NYC was the first anime convention to be held at Jacob Javits Convention Center since the last New York Anime Festival more than 5 years ago. Now the people behind the event is already selling tickets for 2018. Since Anime NYC had the support of major companies in the American anime manga industry ranging from publishers to retailers, I wanted to hear from them. Why? Because their participation in the FIRST solo convention in more than 5 years of this kind in a prominent convention building is evident that the companies care enough about the growth of the anime and manga community. They are willing to make an appearance NOW, instead of waiting years down the line to participate at Anime NYC. 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Hokusai Exhibit at Grand Central

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Photography by Linda Thai
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