Saturday, March 14, 2009

What is Anime/Manga for the Kinokuniya Bookstore Membership?

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Recently, Kinokuniya Bookstore located near New York City Bryan Park announced a new opportunity for their fans, visitors and buyers: Anime/Manga Membership Program. Hearing the words "anime" and "manga," one might be thinking "Japanese comics" in graphic novel format and "Japanese animation" in DVD format. As a result, one might be asking "The English version or Japanese version? Is that all that counts toward the membership discount?" I decided to ask John Fuller, the manager at the Bryan Park Kinokuniya Bookstore for some clarity.

He told me "It's pretty much anything that you can think of that falls into the category," but there are exceptions. Just to name a few:

1) All stationary items even if they are related to an anime example Totoro
2) Tokidoki ,Spicy Brown and Tokyo Star Apparel T-shirts
3) Mimobot and Momiji
4) Monchicchi
5) Hello! Kitty
6) Aranzi Aronzo
7) JM for kids such as Mebae, Shogaku 1 nensei
8) Johnny’s line
9) Books about Gothic and Lolita(ゴスロリ) such as the Gothic Lolita Bible
10) EB academic, research book on Japanese anime, subculuture on the 1st fl
11) Light Novels, Japanese novels for juvenile (ラノベ)

So, what exactly, falls under the category? For now:

1) Japanese or English comic books
2) manga or anime art/illustration books,
3) manga/anime DVDs or CDs,
4) manga/anime toys
5) manga/anime posters
6) manga/anime t-shirts

IMPORTANT: Even though this is a list of items under the category, always ask the cashier or information desk if the item you want falls under the anime/manga membership program, before purchasing.

Kinokuniya Bookstore could be getting items in different formats and mediums that are NOT listed above or the lists may change. Also keep in mind that what you may think that falls in the anime/manga category or exceptions may or may not be true. So always double check before purchasing!

Photography by Jason Linetsky.
© 2009 Linda Thai

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