Monday, June 15, 2009

NYAF 2009 Maid and Butler Volunteer Form

Hey guys!

I found that NYAF 2009 is having a maid cafe volunteer opportunity. There are few things you should be aware about. Please click on the link and read the details, which specify age requirements for those who are 18 and those who are 16. I just picked out a select few details, so it is not all the information or requirements.

Please note NYAF is no longer accepting general volunteers; however, Maid Café submissions are now open!

To volunteer, you must purchase a weekend pass to the New York Anime Festival and fill out and return this form. Following the completion of the New York Anime Festival, your weekend pass will be refunded and your maid costume will be yours to keep.

The deadline to submit this volunteer form is July 15, 2009.

For more information about the volunteer opportunity, please check out NYAF 2009 Maid and Butler Volunteer Form

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