Friday, February 3, 2012

New York Comic Con/New York Anime Festival 2011 – Sunday

This day was perfect to browse around, take photos of booths and buy items that were discounted from the original price at the start of the con. Since I did not have that many panels or activities to check out, the day was less hectic and more relaxing. Plus, the crowd on that day tends was less crowded, so taking pictures was a bit more easier.

Since I missed the panel I initially wanted to attend (it was at 10:15am), I decided to browse around the show floor prior to attending the Costume Contest at 12:30pm. I was actually able to take pictures of exhibitors that I initially did not have time to check out. Plus, with less people blocking my view, I was able to find and take pictures of things that I could have easily missed, like the M8 Avenger replica from Mass Effect 3 by TriForce or the TokiDoki Metro PCS phone that was on display.

While working my way around the show floor, I went to the Capcom booth. At first, things were working fine, but for some reason, the power to the booth went out, completely. All the screens for the video games were pitch black! This happened at 12:20pm, and the people who were waiting for a while to play Raccoon City had to wait a bit longer. I was hoping that this would not have a domino effect to the other booths. Since it was getting close to 12:30pm, I left to attend the contest. After the conclusion of Costume Contest, which ended close to 1pm, I went to the show floor and continued to take pictures, while walking towards the Capcom booth. It was 1:33pm, and all of a sudden, power to the center set of screens at the Sprint booth went black. However, unlike the Capcom booth, the screens lit up in less than 5 minutes. I can assure you that the Capcom booth did relit itself and Raccoon City welcomed its gamers.

Besides photography and random black outs, I took this day to purchase a few merchandise that were on sale. Usually, Sunday is the best day to by items, because dealers tend to drop the prices so that they do not have to take the merchandise back with them at the conclusion of the convention. On Thursday, I saw a large Totoro plush for $60, but I was reluctant to buy it and was hoping by Sunday that it will be cheaper. Well, lucky me! It dropped to $50! I think I brought the second to the last one, and it was wrapped in a nice plastic bag. While browsing through the aisle, I came across out of print graphic novels: Batman versus Predator and Superman Versus Aliens. I love the Alien and Predator movies, so I was really curious about these two stories. I was like Oo! How much is it? I got all six (it was three graphic novels for each title) for $30. I did not realize how rare and costly the books were until I told a friend of mine about it and how much I paid for it. He basically said that I received a good deal for the whole set. FYI, when I opened the books, it smelled new, and it was close to being mint. The pages were crisp too! Besides these two bargains, I ended up buying a few Monkey King related items for $1 to $2 each from the Chinese exhibitor booths. The stickers I brought were originally sold for $3USD.

Overall, Sunday was basically the catching up day to what you missed on the Show Floor and a great time to bargain hunt. If you want to save money and avoid the congestion, this is a good day to choose to do so. See you all next year!
© 2012 Linda Thai

Photography by Linda Thai

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