Wednesday, April 4, 2012

AniMinneapolis 2012 Announces Fan Guests

Bloomington, MN - March 28, 2012 - AniMinneapolis, the second-largest anime convention in Minneapolis, is excited to announce two local fan guests for the 2012 convention, including Master costumer Robert "Vash" Lewis and comic-book reviewer Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug. The Anime Minneapolis 2012 convention will be happening June 29 - July 1, 2012 at the Mall of America.

Rob "Vash" Lewis is a well known costumer and con entertainer across the Midwest. Since first attending Sugoicon in 2005, Rob has been dedicating his time and effort to bringing Master class costumes and well loved entertainment to the many conventions he attends. Not only is Rob dedicated to providing quality entertainment to the attendees of the conventions he frequents, but he also teaches survival skills on his favorite genre – zombies. As a laboratory professional, Rob gives insight to the pathological side of the undead, educating the masses for the future. Rob currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska with his girlfriend and two pesky cats.

Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug has had the misfortune of being cursed to review comic books on the internet. Somehow this has made him popular on the website That Guy With the Glasses, though many suspect it’s more so people can stare and laugh at the weirdo. On his show, Atop the Fourth Wall, he regularly contends with the surreal, the stupid, and the senseless books that the comic industry has produced over the last eighty years. If that wasn’t sad enough, he also has done a retrospective on Power Rangers (released on the schedule of when a blue moon rises on the 13th hour of the 13th day of the 13th month), actually attempting to grant serious analysis to a series about guys in spandex punching rubber-suited monsters. It’s best not to make direct eye contact with him.

AniMinneapolis is a three-day anime convention, focusing on Japanese animation, arts, and pop culture. Over a thousand anime fans came to AniMinneapolis last year. The convention focuses on several exciting events, which include a cosplay masquerade, anime screenings, cultural and fan panels, and video game tournaments. In addition, there is a dealer's room filled with anime vendors, and an artist alley featuring several great artists.

Hotel rooms for the convention are only $99 a night at the Ramada, and can be found online at

Registration to attend the convention can be done in advance for only $25 per person until April 15th. Attendees can also register at the door, if there is enough space available, for $35 per person. More details are on the convention's website:


AniMinneapolis Press Release

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