Saturday, October 6, 2012

NYCC - Spider-Man's Birthday Celebration, IGN Theatre Live Streaming and Entry Plan

Spider-Man's Birthday Celebration

One of my favorite superheroes is absolutely Spider-Man. Peter Parker is the nerdy, insecure teen that fights crime and wears an awesome costume! Sounds basically like my teen years. The big guy in the red suit (no, not Santa) had his 50th anniversary this year and to help celebrate this momentous occasion we're bringing a whole web of Spider-Man themed celebrations to NYCC! On Sunday, October 14 don't miss the cast of Broadway's Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark in a live, interactive performance. After your mind is blown away from the first dose of awesomness, you'll get a chance to learn some of Spidey's best moves from the cast. But I'm not done! We're showing a special screening of DisneyXD's animated series, Ultimate Spider-Man. No matter if you're turning 50 with Spider-Man or 5, Spider-Fans of all ages will definitely enjoy this celebration. Plus - stop by the Marvel booth to sign the larger than life Spider-Man birthday card (courtesy of Hallmark Cards) and help Marvel beat the Guiness World Records® title for "Most Contributions to a Greeting Card." While you're at it, check out our Guide to Surviving NYCC and find out what to bring, what not to bring and how to get into the Javits as painlessly as possible. See you in 6 days! Until next time...

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Live Streaming from the IGN Theater
We know we've been blowing your mind over the past couple months with all these awesome Guest announcements, Panels, Exhibitors and Special Events going down at NYCC. Well, here's to upping the ante. This year for the first time ever, NYCC has teamed up with TwitchTV to bring you live streams from the IGN Theater and NYCC Show Floor! Long line at the IGN Theater? No problem! We're setting up live streaming screens inside the Queue Hall for your viewing pleasure or you can tune in to the exclusive streaming page! Check out our website to see when everything's going down.

How to Survive NYCC Tip #5: Entry Plan
The most important rule of NYCC Morning Queues is "Thou Shalt Enter Through the Correct Door of Thy Javits Center." There are three doors, here's how it breaks down. Enter through the BLUE Doors on the upstairs of 35th Street if you're a VIP, Professional, Press or Exhibitor. Enter through the GREEN doors on the lower level off of 37th Street if you got your ticket in the mail or from a retailer. Enter through the YELLOW doors on the lower level off of 38th Street if you purchased a ticket online after the mailing deadline and need to pick it up. The super important thing to remember about lines: use only the entrances noted above. In fact, better yet, use the streets that lead to these entrances before you even get to 11th Ave to make sure you get in the correct lines! Check out the Entry Plan maps if you're still a little confused!


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