Friday, May 16, 2014

Viz Media Licensed Original #SailorMoon series, the 3 movies & #SailorMoonCrystal!

How many of you are as excited as I am?! I cannot believe it! Someone FINALLY licensed the original Sailor Moon series. It's about time, especially since the manga from Kodansha USA is a major hit here in the States. Here's another cool thing, they even licensed Sailor Moon Sailor Stars and Uranus and Neptune are not longer cousins. LGBT represent!

Now that Viz will be dubbing the original series, I wonder who the cast members are? Is everyone new and/or veteran voice actors? Anyone from the original North American cast? This must have been a long kept secret, because at the end of the trailer, you hear the new voice of Sailor Moon. So curious as to when did they actually start recording the voices for all 200 episodes.

Original Sailor Moon episodes will be launching on May 19th, so check out this page for more info!

Now my next question is, since Viz has the license to Crystal, will there be a dubbing for that too or just streaming in Japanese with subtitles? I need subtitles at least! If they are dubbing, I presume they will be using the same cast as the one for the original Sailor Moon series? I guess we will find out!

Also, how much would the DVDs or Blu Ray's cost me?? It's pricy enough to try to buy the original Geneon Pioneer and ADV Films releases, but how about Viz's release?

UPDATE on 9:01PM:
Exclusive Interview: Viz Media's Charlene Ingram and Josh Lopez on Sailor Moon

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