Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Meet 'The Evil Dead' Star Bruce Campbell At Five Wizard World Comic Cons

One the tour's most charismatic guests returns to Wizard World when Bruce Campbell visits five Wizard World shows this summer and fall, starting with Wizard World Chicago in August.

Whether you know him as "Ash" from The Evil Dead or Army of Darkness, "Sam Axe" in the recent USA Network TV hit "Burn Notice," or any of his 100 or so roles in between, the magnetic Campbell is a must-see. You'll also want to be there when he hosts "Last Fan Standing," the new game show that's as unpredictable as Bruce himself. You can check out previous episodes of "Last Fan" on CONtv here.

It's an unforgettable experience, for sure. Don't miss him in Chicago (August 21-23), San Jose (September 5-6), Tulsa (October 24-25), Austin (October 30-31), and Louisville (November 7-8).

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