Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Super Mario Brothers...Wearing Ice Skates?!

I was doing a general browsing for Richard Dwyer, who was "Mr. Debonair" and an Ice Skating Show Star. Currently, he's a 70+ year old, who wows us skaters with his Axel jump. Yes, he can still do the hardest jump in figure skating! While looking through a photo gallery, I discover something unexpected. The Super Mario Brothers in figure skates?!

The ice skating show, Ice Capades doesn't exist anymore, but I was able to find a video of the Super Mario Brothers at the show. Oh my goodness the costumes...The background does look like the game scenery though.

Also, I did find the Mario Brothers inside of the program for the 50th Anniversary of the skating show.

Nonetheless, check out Richard Dwyer's skating skills!

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