Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Activities at Winter Con 2015

Day 1

Treasure Chest booth. Yes, people played the game and won the consoles. I was contemplating whether or not I should play.

Funko Pop! galore! They made quite the appearance at the con, especially autographed ones. No I didn’t buy any because I didn’t see what I wanted.

ONE Lolita. There was no one else around. At least I didn’t notice. Also, please try to ignore the weird yellow lighting in this and some of the pictures. The venue floor had terrible lighting.

The man myself was here. He wasn’t at his booth, however, I did randomly spot him walking around the floor and he kindly let me take a photo with him.

I felt nerd special this day. Artist Joel Adams was selling prints and showed me an incomplete artwork he was working on. For some reason, I was more intrigued with that piece than the completed ones. To his surprised I asked if he could sell it to me and yes he did! Here’s the cute part. I’m the first to own one!!! So special.

The day was coming to a close and I was about to disassemble part of my cosplay until a photographer spotted me. He didn’t want to bother me because he figured I was getting ready to leave. Me? I said we can take pictures. No problem. Thanks DMS Studios for my first photoshoot!

Day 2

Ok, so I decided to play the Treasure Chest game. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the game’s rules that day. It was different from the day before. I was able to pick up 3 boxes and at some point open them and picked out another one because I received a duplicate. I ended up picking one with an anime shirt and a few small things in it. It would have been nice to receive a handheld console.

The day before, the man myself, Hicks was at WinterCon. I was contemplating on whether or not I should get his signature. I really do like the Alien movie series. So that night I decided to get his autograph the following day. Well, lucky me, I caught him just in time before he was about the leave! It was worth the $40.

Funko Pop! continues to take over! Star Wars everywhere. However, like many conventions, Sunday tends to be the sale day. Even the dinosaur was discounted. Too pricy for me though

Anime and manga related merchandise sightings! They were there, just not an abundance like Star Wars.

Popcorn anyone?

Old comics galore! Actually, I don’t remember seeing anyone else selling comics but him…

The stage shows continue and continues to be packed! Yes, even on a Sunday.

© 2016 Linda Thai

Photography by Linda Thai

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