Monday, May 22, 2017

Sailor Moon Day at Anime NYC 2017

Anime NYC and VIZ Media are excited to present Sailor Moon Day – a series of guest appearances and special events in celebration of Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal on Saturday, November 18th at Anime NYC!

VIZ Media, the largest publisher, distributor, and licensor of anime and manga in North America, and Anime NYC are honored to jointly welcome 10 members of Sailor Moon Crystal’s English cast for the first time together on stage:

Stephanie Sheh (Sailor Moon / Usagi Tsukino)
Kate Higgins (Sailor Mercury / Ami Mizuno)
Cristina Vee (Sailor Mars / Rei Hino)
Amanda Celine Miller (Sailor Jupiter / Makoto Kino)
Cherami Leigh (Sailor Venus / Minako Aino)
Sandy Fox (Chibi-Usa / Black Lady)
Erica Mendez (Sailor Uranus / Haruka Tenoh)
Lauren Landa (Sailor Neptune / Michiru Kaioh)
Christine Marie Cabanos (Sailor Saturn / Hotaru Tomoe)
Robbie Daymond (Tuxedo Mask / Mamoru Chiba)
In addition to on-stage appearances, you can also expect group autograph signings, screenings, giveaways, and more throughout Sailor Moon Day – with further details to be revealed across the summer and fall!

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