Saturday, November 1, 2008

Media Report: Manga for Dummies

The informative "Manga for Dummies" in a staircase like display on the table where the author of the book, Kensuke Okabayashi, was lecturing.

Kensuke Okabayashi and John Fuller, the manager of Kinokuniya bookstore, posing behind the lecture table located in the event area.

Smile guys! Kensuke Okabayashi, with his books in his hands, and John Fuller enjoying a moment with the camera (^_^)

OOoo!!! Manga style drawing (^_^) ! Kensuke explains how drawing characters is all about shapes. I see them anime circular shaped eyes. NICE!

Story time! We all love stories, right? Kensuke tells a story of how an artist he knew gave up drawing the minute he realized that he wasn't able to draw simple shapes anymore. No kidding! Even when I draw the shapes are all over the place…

Reddness! Kensuke shows how simply shading in specific areas can really change the mood of the character from happiness to anger. So, what mood do you think the color me red character is displaying?

I want to see a chibi! Where can I get one? Oh it’s right on the window sill. Kensuke shows off an example of a chibi. He uses the figure to show dimensions of the character's head and body and how it's different from ordinary manga characters. Chibi chibi chibi! They so cute and small (^_^)

Hey, it looks like a line frame of a person. Kensuke began to explain how chibis are drawn using a measurement called "heads" and a basic full sized character as a model. He added a little comedy to the explanation by starting to count in Japanese then switched to German before finishing the counting in English. So can you repeat the numbers Kensuke said? In German please.

Aww it is a chibi! Look at that cute simle! But how did Ken do it? In his second part of explaining how chibis are drawn, Kensuke used the measurement marks of the full-sized character to show the difference in dimensions for chibis. Dimension guys! Don’t forget them!

Focus people focus! If you want to learn to draw, you got to pay attention to Kensuke. A captivated audience looks on as Kensuke explains how to add hair to characters. Look! Even John is drawn in by the power of Kensuke’s lecture.

Come let’s go talk to Kensuke! Jessica Ruiz and another former member of the NYC Technical College Anime Club chat with Kensuke about the "Manga for Dummies" book. Sign it please! We need an autographed copy!

Let’s get to know him more! A member of Japanese media is interviewing Kensuke. Who speaks Japanese??? Help please…

Thanks for the assistance on the descriptions, Jason Linetsky!
Photography by Jason Linetsky.

© 2008 Linda Thai

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