Monday, October 20, 2008

Media Report: Haruhi Day 2008

BREAK TIME! Chatty aren't we? Fans and Yen Publishing taking a deserved break in between the fun filled trivia contests and go about chatting.

Yen Press representatives are giving an explanation of the US debut of "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" books.

FAN POWER! Seriously, Haruhi has a REALLY devoted fan. When the audience was asked who knew what Yen Press was, this fan (in gray) was the fastest to raise his hand. He was recognized by the representatives as being a very big fan as he was the first to arrive for the event and was given the first free copy of Haruhi book #1 as a gift for his devotion. AWWWW!!!!! How cute!

We got patience! The group of fans around the store waited patiently for the next trivia question. I wonder who got it right? Too many fans... Represent! Haruhi Power!

A blown up version of the event flier on poster board sat against the window behind the Yen Press table.

Dance Fever Haruhi style! Dance your heart out! Fans of Haruhi, including purple-haired Catholic school girl, Raven Thomas-Anthij (left), were invited to participate in a dance contest to see who could follow the popular Hare Hare Yukai Dance the best. The winner was given a free copy of one of the books Yen Press publishes.

Why is Yugi here? There's no duel...Wait, he's a fan of Haruhi??? And he can dance??!! Yugi Mutou, Niki Bikofsky (red and yellow wig), gives the "tada" gesture as she awaits the judge's decision of who danced the best.

Video - Hare Hare Yukai Dance

Wish you were there huh? You want to join them? Sorry about the quality. Can't control what other sites do.

Thanks for the assistance on the descriptions, Jason Linetsky!
Photography by Jason Linetsky.

© 2008 Linda Thai

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