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After Cosplay Day with Peter Tatara

Hey guys! Me posting up an old interview I did with Peter Tatara way back in August 2008 about Cosplay Day, which was held on August 17, 2008. I think this was my second interview with Peter, cause I did the first one a long long LONG time ago...None the less! I hope you will enjoy this interview!


Who came up with the idea? How were you informed about the Cosplay Day? What were your initial reactions when you heard about the event?
I've worked with Kinokuniya Bookstore for years -- originally planning events with them when I worked with anime company Central Park Media. Since the creation of the New York Anime Festival, I've helped create monthly events at the store, and the recent Cosplay Day is one such event. It's something Kinokuniya and the Anime Festival co-created.

What were your responsibilities at the event?
With Cosplay Day, the New York Anime Festival pushed out a lot of promotions, organized the schedule, and generally supervised the events of the day.

What was the goal or purpose of the event?
Cosplay Day and everything else we do at Kinokuniya is designed to give anime fans a place to be themselves. The New York Anime Festival is only three days out of the year, and we want to extend this experience. Our events at Kinokuniya do just that.

Which ideas were accepted and rejected? Why were some rejected and some accepted?
When planning Cosplay Day or other events, Kinokuniya and the Anime Festival sit down and look over whatever theme we're going for and construct a schedule based around it. Anything at Kinokuniya has a NYC-focus, so we look to include events, people, and activities homegrown in New York City.

What was the process or preparatory steps that lead to your attendance at the event, meaning who or what was part of the process or steps taken, such paperwork, money, displays, travel, etc?
Planning for Cosplay Day and other Kinokuniya events is generally done over and hour or two over lunch with Kinokuniya's management. These initial meetings flesh out the entire event. From there, we'll touch base probably once a week -- but we know from our first meeting who needs to take care of what.

What day and time did you reach the event? What was your initial reaction when you first stepped into the event?
I came by Cosplay Day at noon. Previously, we've held events that kicked off at 10 AM, but so the store's not at capacity all day long (a genuine concern) we started events this time in the afternoon. I was curious to see if we'd have people at Kinokuniya at noon as no events were scheduled this early, but -- sure enough -- the store was already packed.

In regards to the event, if any, what were your expectations that has nothing to do with your duties? Were any of them met or not met?
My concerns are making sure the store isn't overwhelmed, the fans are having fun, and everything's taking place on time. The day was positive on all three counts.

What was the schedule like for you for that day?
Making sure all the equipment is set up. Making sure the speakers all show up. Making sure everything launches on time. Then, picking up after the show is over. And, making sure nothing burns down.

For you, what were the ups and downs of the event?
I plan events with 150 hours of programming, so something at Kinokuniya's a walk in the park. Still, when you've got a presentation kicking off and your speakers aren't yet at the store, you get nervous.

What was your most memorable moment at the event and why?
At every event we do at Kinokuniya, I have people thanking me when it's all over -- but I'm not the one who should be thanked. It's all the people at Kinokuniya who let the New York Anime Festival come into their store and all the fans who come out to it.

Was the goal of the event met or not met and why?
Absolutely. Kinokuniya was very happy and I didn't see any sad faces leaving once Cosplay Day was over.

In general, what was your overall experience in attending and participating at Cosplay Day?
Very happy, and we've already started work on Death Note Day -- which'll take place September 14.

Anything you would like to add to this interview? Anything you want to tell the fans?
The New York Anime Festival exists for you. We're all here working to create an event and experience that gives you everything you want and need. And, in just two years, we've already done a lot -- but we're always growing and always adding more -- so if there's something else you want to see, please, please, please let us know.


Thanks again Peter! You the best!
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