Monday, October 13, 2008

Aki Con 2008 in Everett, WA

-The Convention is Nov 7th, 8th and 9th.

-There are 7 rooms: main room, vendors’ room, 2 anime viewing rooms, one dubbed and one subbed, a gaming room, a panel room and a huge 24 hour manga kissaten (comics cafe.)

-This Manga Kissaten has over 2000 manga and will have pocky and ramune for sale.

-The anime rooms are also 24 hours and as mentioned one will be all dubbed anime the other all subtitled anime.

-The game room will boast a couple contest a day including Rockband2, Halo3, Mario Cart and Soul Caliaber, etc.

-There will also be table for card games (pokemon, magic etc) and RPG gaming.

-The vendor room will host a variety of vendors.

-There are a ton of contests including of course cosplay, ramen eating and Sing your heart out karaoke contest.

-The main room will boast panels by Voice actors Vic Mignogna and Chuck Huber, the Slants and NDP comics. The Slants, Mega Ran and Soul candy, and Velocity Demo team will perform concerts and martial art demos.

-Aki con also has an artist alley, cosplay photo shoots and tons of workshops, panels and meet ups.

-The Aki con Commercials are running from Oct. 8 - Nov. 2nd on cartoon Network from 7:30pm-3:00am.


Flyer by contest winner Hoshi
To learn more about this convention of the Northwest please visit

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