Friday, January 6, 2012

Chinese Lolita

I been doing research on Lolitas of China and Hong Kong but all I can do is provide you with resources and one day translate the Cantonese into English. I would have to go to Hong Kong and China to do the full blown research. I will be digging up stuff related to Lolitas in Taiwan. So use this post as a resource of information about Chinese Lolitas and anything related to Lolita in the respective countries. BTW it is a WHOLE lot of digging.

One more fun note. According to one of the actress, Charlene Choi, in Jackie Chan's movie Chinese title Rob-B-Hood, 寶貝計劃, actually had one of the characters dress in a black and white lolita outfit. (~_^) The only reason I realized this was that the actress stated in Cantonese that she dressed up in lolita on the Hong Kong version of the DVD special features disc.

Lolita Competition in China in the City of Guangzhou also know as Canton - Video
(Chinese. Give me time to translate what they are saying. It is not easy translating a language you grew up with into proper English understanding)

Four year old dressed in Lolita - Video

Lolita - 卓亚君 -
(Chinese.) I believe this a professional music video. Had a hard time digging up the singer, 卓亚君. I believe the music is Beethoven's Fur Elise

卓亚君 - Images: 1, 2 , 3 Information: Link (Chinese)

Hong Kong Lolita Forum - Link (Chinese)

Hong Kong Girls Dressed as Lolitas - Forum Thread(English)

The Legacy of the Lost Lolitas - Article (English)

Hong Kong Gothic Lolita Stores: Spider, Dracula, Baby Cupid - Article (English)

The Hong Kong Lolita-chan - Article (English)

Chiu the Tiwan Lolita-chan!! - Article (English)

Spider lolita store - Link (Chinese and English)

Anna House lolita store - Link (Chinese and English)

EGL: Gothic and Lolita Fashion, Live Journal Community - Hong Kong Shopping Guide

*周杰倫公主病《杰威爾官方》Jay Chou "Princess Syndrome" Official MV
(Chinese) After listening to the song and noticing the title, I can see why the women are wearing lolita clothing: Jay Chou, who is a very famous pop singer from Taiwan and was in the Green Hornet movie, said "Princess" in Mandarin a few times during the video.

*Jay Chou 周杰论 - Princess Syndrome 公主病 English & Pinyin Karaoke Subs

*Updated Link

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