Sunday, January 1, 2012

What Do These Words Mean?

What is anime and manga? What defines a comic or graphic novel? It is one thing to be able to physically identify it, but it is another to define or explain what it is. I have my own interpretations of the terminologies, but I decided to do research on how it has been defined and used by others.

I looked at available resources dating back as old as possible, because I wanted to see how far back the words have existed. What I discovered were similar yet different interpretations of the words as we commonly know or use them today. However, they are written in the same formation and have other definitions and pronunciations.The following definitions are gathered from a variety of sources where the citation, either MLA or Chicago style, is provided underneath each definition.

Note: I am providing the information below, so that the reader can see the different interpretations and understanding of the words. It is best to GO to the source and look it up yourself, so that you can get a FULL picture of the subject. :-) Thank you.

Click on each link, (which are the "pages" in the horizontal navigation bar below the header), to see what I discovered:
Graphic Novels?
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