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Getting to Know: James Daily, Ryan Davidson and Law and the Multiverse Part 5

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Beyond Blogging

In Geek Speak, Davidson said, “I’d much rather collaborate with comic creators on law-related plot points. We actually made contact with a few creators over the past few months and really hope to do a lot of this in the near future.” I was curious about the status of this collaboration and if it is a paying gig. The duo is currently in contact with a few different creators, but it is not a paying gig. For example: Mark Waid has expressed interest in working with the team on some future storylines. In general, if any collaboration occurs with any creator, as explained by Davidson, “we envision ourselves serving as a kind of sounding board as authors try to work out plot points that involve legal issues.”

In the magazine of Washington University in St. Louis for Daily’s alumni profile, it states that they have “signed a movie and TV series deal with Sony early this spring.” Now that sounds like a HUGE accomplishment! Daily said that they sold the TV/film rights to Sony. However, unfortunately, Laura Ziskin, the producer who was interested in the project, passed away not long after the deal was made. “The TV/film rights have since become available again, and we hope to find another partner.” Davidson adds that “If Joss Whedon wants our input on the new S.H.I.E.L.D. series, all he needs to do is ask.”

Another interesting result from their blogging is their Continuing Legal Education courses. I think it’s great that they are able to apply comic book storylines in helping other attorneys understand the law a bit more. My question to them was what was the approval process in establishing the course as being accredited versus for fun general education? Did they have to submit a proposal or something? Well, apparently, they have “always been approached by others for the CLE courses.” In regards to the accreditation process, it is generally the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. “As long as it involves written materials—PowerPoint slides count—and justifies fifty-odd minutes of on-point legal instruction, you can get almost anything accredited. Getting people to sign up is a whole different issue, but again, we’ve largely left that to our sponsoring organizations,” explains Davidson. So far, they have done four with Thomson West and then individual courses with various other organizations.

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