Monday, June 3, 2013

Thumbs Up To Anime Boston & Massachusetts Convention Center Authority

First off, I would like to compliment Anime Boston (AB) and the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA) on their smooth and quick entry process. Second, thank you for making the Volunteers visually obvious amongst the crowd. This was especially important if an emergency happened and we needed to find the proper assistance.

Let’s start off with the people involved with AB. I sincerely loved and admired the fact that the staff, security and volunteers had some kind of uniformed and stand out color on (MCCA security had their own separate uniform). The staff was in bright blue t-shirts with the AB 2013 logo on the front and on the back was the word “staff” in big font, while the security was in bright orange with the same style. The volunteers had a different look, but they stuck out like a sore thumb. They wore BRIGHT orange vests (similar shade to construction workers' attire) and the word “volunteer” on it. This was the first time that I saw this attire and they were very easy to spot out.

Since I have been attending the convention there has been a strict prop policy. This year there were some changes, but the basic understanding was the same: get your props checked and cleared. This was worked out before the tragedy in Boston. Then on May 8th, a new policy was announced and implemented; bag searches. Because of the Patriots' Day tragedy, bag searches were conducted at every entrance to the convention center. The MCCA security was extremely thorough; every pocket in the bag was checked. However, it did not feel like the long hours waiting at the airport.

Friday was less crowded, so the bag search was definitely not too bad. I went through the two thresholds without a long line (maybe 5 people in front of me), got my messenger bag examined and was on my merry way. Then came Saturday…the crowd emerges! Holy guacamole! I ended up getting on the back of line (without even realizing that it was a line) when I was still in the hotel in the convention registration area. Yeah, the line went that FAR back. I was like oh crap! I am going to be late to a panel (>_<) (I was late getting ready anyway, so I’m going to be even more late)! To my surprise, the wait on the consistently moving line was about 10 minutes. There were more than enough officers stationed at each table and doorway to search the bags, which was why the line moved so quickly.

Thank you Anime Boston and Massachusetts Convention Center Authority for providing us with a safe and enjoyable weekend. I look forward to next year!

© 2013 Linda Thai Photography by Linda Thai

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