Monday, July 28, 2014

#NYCC 2013 - Random Commentary Friday

Intel…what can I say about it? They have been present for a few years now. Honestly, they don’t look much different. From the looks of it the booth itself seems to be the same design and takes up the same amount of floor space. Probably the only difference (besides new games) is in recent years, they were moved to the back instead of the front of the show floor.

I’m all for free food, but this was a little bit unsanitary for me…To those who tried it, how did it taste?

After reading a few of these banners, I started to realize that some of them were the same ones from previous years. However, they always helped lead the way between the North Pavilion and the main building.

Super Mario 3D World! If you look on your left hand side of the photo, you can see a person with blue ears on his head. Those were the cat ears for the game, among four different colors to choose from: blue, beige, green and pink. To receive one, you had to hand in 2 tickets. To get the tickets you had to play the games at the Nintendo booth, which was 1 ticket per game. If you are wondering, yes I have all the ears, but that’s thanks to friends of mine helping me play with the other games. (^_^)

Power Rangers…when I saw this booth, the first thing that popped up in my head was “Ah, childhood.” I did not realize how long ago it was. I did not even know it was still around until the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade broadcast. It was stated that the series was the number 1 kids action hero show. It has a good longevity.

The sign…I have no idea what this booth was for. It was just odd to see THAT particular acronym hanging up there. Ha ha.

They say a title should be short and sweet, while being catchy and worth remembering. However, this one needed that long title, because I ended up buying the manga!

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Photography by Linda Thai

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