Friday, October 31, 2014

#AnimeBoston 2014 – Random Commentary

The Blood Drive located in the Sheraton outside the Artist Alley. The only thing I liked was the plush. Haha. It looks so big and friendly!

I wish…I wish I could have this, but this Mini Autograph Board was given to US and Canada ticketholders for the Rebellion movie premiere. Pictured above is the Homura board at the Charity Auction. I’m pretty sure that the bidding for that was past the limits of my wallet.

These were available at the Sailor Moon English cast booth. Attendees who waited on line at their booth would take these to have the cast and director sign it.

KIRBYSSSS! So adorable…yet too pricy for me.

Classic Power Ranger and anime toys.

Lolita Fashion

I am impressed with the results of the work that was put into this look, especially the makeup. She looks wonderful!

The only Wa Lolita that I saw. Love the style!


During the wait for the Sailor Moon English cast signing, one of my line buddies had this around her neck. I’d never seen a masquerade badge before, so the person was nice enough to let me take a photo.


My right…

…to my left

Yes, the line went allllll the way around the hall along the walls. If I remember correctly, the people were waiting to attend the Bad Anime, Bad!! panel.


I believe this was the registration line. I know it wasn’t the bag check line because I came from there to witness this! Good thing I got my badge on Thursday!

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Photography by Linda Thai

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