Monday, November 10, 2014

Cosplay at #AnimeBoston 2014

Pirates plus a Batman. When I was taking the photo, I did not notice anything usual. After I said my thank you to the pirates, Batman approached me and said to look at the picture. That’s when I noticed the photobombing Batman.

I had never seen this attire. I found the makeup interesting and couldn’t figure out what they were cosplaying as. It turns out that they were part of a performance group.

Lady Cassandra from Doctor Who. This was just a peculiar cosplay. I was walking in the Dealers Room and spotted that face looking thing. I asked the lady who she was cosplaying as and she told me the story of Lady Cassandra. I was like “wow.” What a character…

I have no idea who she is cosplaying as, but the wig…whoever made that wig - very impressive. No, the cosplayer did not make it. I know because I asked.

Kyubey from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Out of all the humanized Kyubey cosplay that I have seen, I prefer this version.

Kiki & Tombo from Kiki's Delivery Service. There were quite a few Kiki cosplayers walking around. However, this cosplay caught my attention a bit more: her broom. The extra details she added in the head made it an interesting prop. Plus, she had her Tombo! I did not see anyone else walking around with someone else besides their broom.

Jaden Yuki from Yu-Gi-Oh GX. I was surprised to see him; I usually see Yugi Muto.

© 2014 Linda Thai

Photography by Linda Thai

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