Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Connecticon 2014 – Cosplay

I saw her wings and asked, “Are you the figure?” I thought that I had to explain what I was talking about, but she knew right away which figure I had in mind. Unfortunately, I don’t even know its name. Oops.

Light up cosplays are cool. Plus, cosplay photobomb!

Zelda! Because of the details involved in the attire, I tend to admire those who worked hard on it. I asked her how she did the lower design on the dress. She used 3D fabric paint to create it because she was unable to do the embroidery. I am tempted to try this technique myself.

Mulan! This was the first time that I saw someone cosplay as this Disney character...first time ever!

Belldandy from Oh My Goddess or Ah My Goddess! I recall myself enjoying this old anime series, so seeing this cosplay was a nostalgic moment. Maybe I should cosplay as Skuld.

While standing around talking to someone, I turned around and noticed the fine detailed butterfly on the dress. I immediately recognized it and quickly walked towards the cosplayer. This turned into a fan girl moment, because I completely blanked out on the name of the cosplayer! I wanted to check if it was really that person, but what came out of my mouth three times was “J something on Facebook.” Yes, literally. Then the cosplayer said “J. Hart Design?” and I said “Yes, that one!” He asked me for my name (obviously I gave it to him) and I complimented him on the details he put into his cosplays. So admirable! I am glad to finally have met him!

Raava chasing Vaatu. How appropriate. Just like in the Legend of Korra. ;-)

Ariel from The Little Mermaid!!! A childhood favorite Disney character.

Aww. Cute. A Super Mario Kart balloon family.

Cutest Aang from Avatar the Last Air Bender ever.

Kato from the Green Hornet. This was another cosplay that I have never seen until now.

© 2015 Linda Thai
Photography by Linda Thai
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