Saturday, August 22, 2015

New York Comic Con 2014 - Random Commentary Part 2

Check out Part 1 before checking out Part 2!

I believe this is the first that I have seen Newbury Comics at NYCC.
Also, I was completely taken by surprise to see this Boston store here.

Blind boxes. These can be fun to purchase if you want something random from a favorite series with an element of surprise. Who wants to chance it?

Care Bears. Haven’t seen these bears in years!

Cute or creepy Predator? It is a unique coloring though.

Smug was wrapped around and his head was on top of a booth. His eyes glow and can open and close. It was so cool. Unfortunately, I can’t remember if his eyeball actually moved.

Space Wolf and their cool wood art.

Geico!!! I wanted one, but I was told that to get one, I had to find him around the showfloor…How do you find this little guy in such a big place! So no, I didn’t get the Geico…

I do not recall which night this was, but not being able to get out properly freaked everyone out. We were going to go through the exit where the Teen Titan balloons were, but encountered a problem. There was no one at the exit to tap us out! We were concerned, because we were told that if we don’t tap out, we can’t tap back into the con. A security guard told us to exit through the top level and lo’ and behold, we encounter this sign. Would have been nice if this was at the other exit too.

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Photography by Linda Thai

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