Friday, November 27, 2015

New York Comic Con 2015 Random Commentary Part 2

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Good Smile Company booth. A figure of Yu-Gi-Oh's Yami Yugi aka Atem. Even though it's just a prototype, the eyes are perfectly expressed. It shows how determined the character is in succeeding in a duel.

BB-8. I would love to have a BB-8 of my own, but the robot was $150+. (>_<) Imagine how much the REAL BB-8 would cost?

After seeing the Simplicity booth and recalling the McCall booth from last year, I'm starting to think they finally realized the business potential in catering towards cosplayers and towards who want to get into that hobby. I guess that's why it's not called costumes anymore!

Progressive offered free lockers to attendees, but I didn't use it. I needed my bag with me at all times. It was useful to have the lockers, but not necessarily convenient.

It was Sunday at 10:30am and all the signings were full! My goodness the show floor opens at 10:00am! What time did people line up to get the tickets!?

Even though it was a Sunday, the cafeteria was packed with attendees. Honestly, from experience, Sunday was full of people and will probably continue to be. Sunday was not like how it used to be.

Adorable Yo-Kai member. He looked so happy dancing that I had to ask for a photo. It was a very good energetic vibe that was befitting for the Family HQ.

Back to the Future/Pepsi booth. The moment you go “Holy CRAP! He looks like Michael J. Fox!” Not only does the actor have the outfit, especially the Nike Mags, he got the hover board too!

When I was walking leaving the convention at night, I noticed the iconic Hunger Game symbol being projected onto the side of a building. I was questioning where the projection was coming from. I couldn't figure it out, until another night. It was being projected from the back of a vehicle. I didn't realize how powerful the reach on the projector was.

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Photography by Linda Thai

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