Friday, December 30, 2016

Sunday Adventures at New York Comic Con 2016

I was supposed to cosplay this day, but I decided not to because 1) it was going to rain and 2) I wanted to wake up early enough to hit all the booths I missed on the show floor. Good idea on my part. Cosplay would have taken up too much preparation time. Also, that morning, I think, I received an alert from NYCC about NOT going there too early because of the rain. It worked because I got inside the queue hall fairly quickly without waiting in the rain.

Once they allowed the attendees to enter the show floor, I went straight for the Yu-Gi-Oh Contest Auditions. You can read about that in a separate post. After the 2 hour wait and 5 minute audition, I went straight to the show floor to browse one last time. Most of the booths I went to were the ones I've missed, like Funko, Wonder Woman and booths that I was completely unaware of.

Along the way of booth browsing I discovered a booth full of pins. I ended up buying two pins as souvenirs: NYCC 2016 Batman and anime art style Super Girl. I continued browsing and collected some freebies. GK Kids was giving away freebies to those who spun the prize wheel. I ended up getting a Miss Hokusai poster and outside of the wheel I took a pin and postcard. I kept walking and collecting more freebies, like jellybeans and posters.

Then I reached the FUNimation booth. When I was at Otakon 2016, I saw a shirt that said “This Is My Sunday Cosplay.” Unfortunately, I had no idea where to get the shirt until the last day after Otakon finished. Randomly, I saw a man standing outside the Baltimore Convention Center and asked him about his shirt. He got it from FUNimation. Luckily! FUNimation at NYCC was giving away the same shirt to those who can show that they have a subscription! Yes, I got it on Sunday!

Before the convention finally ended, I was able to get one last free item. Only for childhood nostalgic, I ended up getting the Power Rangers coin at Boom! Studio. To get it, I bought Power Rangers comic for a friend's nephew because I didn't want any of the comics for myself. LOL.

When the convention actually ended, meaning the booths stopped selling their products, I walked around to see the break and said my final goodbyes to my friends. This concludes my adventures at New York Comic Con 2016. See you next year!

© 2016 Linda Thai
Photography by Linda Thai
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