Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Review: Bleach Those Memories of Nobody

Hey guys! I figured let's put up another review from a past event I attended Bleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody premiere in June 2008. Enjoy!


What can I say about the movie, Bleach the Movie: Memories of NoBody?

Before I start talking about the negative aspects, let me tell you the positive aspects of the movie. The people of Bleach: Memories of Nobody made a smart decision of introducing the basic characters and voice actors of the movie as a behind the scenes feature BEFORE the movie began, which is helpful to those, like myself, who have little knowledge of the animation series.

Another positive aspect of the movie is the artistic action sequence near the end of the movie. The overall art presentation in the movie is crisp, clean and full of color, but the crafty fight sequence and the spiritual power of each soul reapers' weapon, called zanpakuto, such as the powerful and confident azure dragon of Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya, gave the art of the movie an extra edge. The skillful presentation of the fight sequence shows that art can capture one's attention and imagination.

Another great aspect of the movie is that it is not hard to follow. Because of the clarity and explanatory story telling, I had no issue following the story and the events in the movie. It is understandable and one will not be lost.

Now for the negative aspects. One is the sudden scene jump from Dark One's leader, Ganryu, speaking in the Valley of Screams to a scene with Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi's explanation in Soul Society of what is currently happening. When I saw the scene with Captain Kurotsuchi I thought it was an editing mistake or the film skipped a scene by accident, but no it was not. Due to it being so sudden the transition from that one scene to the next is not smooth riding.

Even though I am not a fan of Bleach nor do I know much about the series, I think the major weakness of the movie is that it failed to grab my attention or draw me in. Although I am able to follow the movie, the movie did not grab my attention quick enough, nor did the story itself which could have made things interesting.

It is like a waiting game that made me wait too long and I am immune to the power of the Soul Reaper's blade.


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Billy said...

that movie wasn't "that good", i think it was fine, but the 2nd one was good

Lyntha Tye said...

Yeah I didn't like it either :P It really didn't catch my attention.