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Pre-Anime Festival with FUNimation Entertainment

Hey hey guys, especially, the wonderful FUNimation fans out there! I got another Pre-Anime Festival interview and this time it is with the Senior Events Manager for FUNimation Entertainment, Adam Sheehan. He is back for another round of the New York Anime Festival and yes, he is excited." I’m always happy to exhibit for FUNimation at a great show like New York Anime Fest. With fun and excitement there is work to be done, lots of work.

Last year, FUNimation Entertainment had a very large booth with video games, promotional items, autograph signings, and panels. Wondering what they have in store for the fans this year? Let Adam tell you how hard they worked on their presence for this year's New York Anime Festival. Remember that they did it for you, the fans. Go ahead! Read on! Learn more about what they have in store for you! Enjoy!


For your duties at NYAF, what do you expect yourself to be doing for those three exciting days of NYAF?
Well other than managing the booth I will be helping promote and oversee some of are panel for Claymore and Darker Than Black. We have a lot of fun things planned for this years show.

Who else will be attending this event or man handling the booth?
I will have some staff from FYE handling our sales, some volunteers to help with promotions, and other FUNimation staff and film crew.

Do you have any negative or positive thoughts about the event and FUNimation’s participation
Non negative ones other than I hope it isn’t too cold yet. Lots of positive ones being that NYAF is a great show and we have always worked with them in the past.

What can fans expect from this year’s FUNimation booth? Are there any big surprises for the fans out there?
We have a few surprises but like all good ones are we can’t say till we get to the show. We will have tons of free promotional items as well as some exclusive merchandise and DVD’s for sale. On display we will be showing off a life size replica of Clare’s sword from the series Claymore.

What is the differences and similarities between this year’s attendance and last year’s?
From the estimated attendance numbers for this year it sounds like their will be a significant increase from 2007. We are fans of that.

How did you decide what to do for this year’s attendance? Is everything ready? If not, why?
We decide what to exhibit at each convention based on what shows we are coming out or launching soon. For example, Claymore will be on DVD that week and we will have talent from the show on hand for autographs and a panel. The same goes for our series Darker than Black which we will be premiering with the main cast of the show at a panel. We have everything ready for the show. We always try to have all show details completed at least 14 days out.

Anything you guys wanted to bring to the convention that is unable to? What prevented it from happening?
We would love to big some of our larger booth set-ups like the ones we used at Anime Expo and San Diego Comic-Con this year but due to the immense costs of these booths we can’t use them all that often.

Anything still in the works for the preparation of the attendance and why? Any worries?
We are set and no serious worries concerning the show. This is not our first rodeo.

Did you bring up any ideas for the FUNimation attendance? What are they and why?
Being one of the sponsors of the show helps with bring a larger attendance to our booth as well as a prime location on the floor. Mix this with how our booth will be laid out, the Claymore sword on exhibit, exclusive items, and voice actor signings we should stay b=pretty busy all weekend long.

Anything you want to add to this interview? Anything you want to tell the fans?
Be sure to stop by the FUNimation booth and check out our panels and screenings for the week. And if you have any questions or comments please feel free to stop by and let me know what they are. We are always more than happy to listen to the fans.


Thank you Adam for helping me out again! If you want to learn more about FUNimation Entertainment please visit

Photograph of the FUNimation Entertainment NYAF 2007 Booth by Linda Thai.
© 2008 Linda Thai

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