Monday, September 22, 2008

Review: The Sweetness of Apple with little Bruises

Hey Guys! Posting up an old review of mine in regards to the Live Action Death Note movie from May 2008, when it premiered nation wide. Enjoy!


It was 7 o’clock pm and roughly forty-two people were in the Union Square theater showing room talking and chowing down on nachos, while waiting for Death Note the live action movie to begin at 7:30pm. Being observant of my surroundings the audience was diverse like the city of New York: age group-kids, accompanied by adults, to adults probably in their 40's; attire- casual to business suit; ethnicity- diverse as the Big Apple.

A beautiful but spooky full moon appears on the white screen, and then an over head view of a city. Like nothing, a book drops on the rainy wet floor of the city. A pen in someone's hand writing in a notebook; a scene with a person's name being written on the screen then that person collapses. With haunting and pounding sound effects of a musical accompaniment, the alternating scene between the written name and the collapsing person and a hand holding a pen writing in a notebook, causes me to wonder "What the hell is up with these scenes?" Following this cycle of the two scenes are scenes of people speaking the words: "heart attack," "mystery of death," "God has judge them," "Kira,"and "Doesn't mean we shouldn't kill criminals." Sitting there I am thinking "Who, what? This has to be like an introduction to the movie to cause a build up of curiosity and wonder in the audience." Then another scene appears on the screen: a mysterious young man in brown. I am thinking "The camera is aiming particularly at him for a specific reason…Must be an important character in the story." The young man is watching a news broadcast, takes out his notebook and writes the name, of the criminal shown, in the book. BAM! SUSPECT IS DEAD! "Kira did it!"

Nice build up for the movie, huh? No no, not being sarcastic, but it is a good build up. Giving a taste of the movie to the audience and such a flavor is perfect to those like me, clueless of Death Note. Attending the event as a NON-FAN of Death Note and my low knowledge on Death Note, I did not have any expectations for the movie.

I ain't telling you the rest of the movie, but I must say the movie drew me in like a sugar coated candy apple and made me want more. Not every apple is perfectly sweet, but some have bruises, nothing major, so one can still eat it. All I requested and wanted that I don't be disappointed or felt like I wasted my time. The movie delivered my request with some clinches.

Bruise 1: Not everyone in the audience can read or understand Japanese. It would have been nice if the Japanese characters/text is translated. Due to the existence of some Chinese characters in the Japanese language, I am fortunate enough to understand a couple of characters in the movie, such as "heart" and "day," and assuming that they mean the same thing in Japanese.

Bruise 2: "Fourteen people: eleven plus myself" said FBI agent Raye. Does that make sense to you? My friend pointed out why the phrase sounded funny. I thought I was going crazy hearing this, but 11+1=12 right? Not 14? Even the police report had a total of twelve FBI agents, 5+3+2+2=12.

Semi Bruise and Sweet: When I watched the scene with Light Yagami saying "Thank you very much" after winning a basketball bet, from one perspective it looked like his lips were not moving, but from another perspective you can not see the actor's lips due to the angle of the camera. So which is it?

Sweet 1: Drama - The tension between the characters

Sweet 2: Suspense - Every event makes you want to know more and what will happen next

Sweet 3: Humor - "Humans are so much fun"

Sweet 4: Clarity - Great explanation of the usage and the effects of the Death Notebook

Sweet 5: Logic - Connections of events and happenings in Death Note

I WANT APPLE!!! I WANT DEATH NOTE!!! DVD IS A MUST HAVE!!! The apple is a perfect fit for my taste buds.


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Keish said...

Hi Linda, guess who? Japanese pianist from Brooklyn college :) (I hope you know who I am. hehe)

Did you enjoy the movie? hmm, the movie was on aired in NY? I didn't know that!
I haven't watch the movie but read original comics. It's a good suspense.

How's your life in Boston?

Lyntha Tye said...

OH DEAR GOD...I REALLY CAN'T REMEMBER!!! I am so so so sorry...I know tooooooo many Japanese pianist from BC. ummm...can you email me a picture of you??? I really can't remember...

Yes yes I really did enjoy the movie :D That's how I got into the series and comics :D

You can read Japanese: make everyone else jealous who can't read the original comics ;)

Boston is quiet too quiet. Can't study without music...

Billy said...

you should watch BECK anime! omg it's so goood and it's my inspiration!

Lyntha Tye said...

Billy that is cute. I always wanted to know about music themed anime and manga stuff. I just didn't want to be disappointed.

Keish said...

Hehehe, sorry I'm using different name. I am Nami :)
Oh right, there are some Japanese pianists in BC... I totally forgot about that.

I'm wondering how it's translated in English. Even original Japanese ocmics, there were A LOT of sentenses to read.

Boston is quiet? Sounds nice for me... well, you're native New Yorker :)

Lyntha Tye said...

Ai Ya Ya Nami :P At first I was thinking it was you, but I didn't want to say it and end up being hte wrong person XP.

Hmm...he English version...hmm...I can tell you this much: YOU HAVE TO READ EVERY LINE or you will get lost in the story. It's extremely logic!! If I could read Japanese I would do a conparsion, but I can't :P

Yes I will always be a New Yorker :D