Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Asura’s Wrath Indeed!

Article by Chet Royer

Oh man, the Sith would be so proud of this game! This is Chet a.k.a. Ninja101 and I want to tell you all about an action game called Asura’s Wrath, produced by Capcom.

After being sorely disappointed by Dragon’s Dogma, I took a short stroll to the Asura’s Wrath section of the Capcom booth. I played the Xbox360 build of the game. I watched many of the trailers for this game so I kind of knew what to expect. The game reminds me a lot of God Hand and Bayonetta.

For starters, Asura’s Wrath looks pretty nice. It has this exaggerated, cell shaded anime art style look to it. This art style perfectly suites the theme of this rage fueled game. The characters have very detailed and interesting designs. To match these characters, the back ground is also blessed with the same interesting and detailed designs and themes.

The demo allowed you to play a couple of scenarios but I was only able to play one due to time constraints. My mission was to fight this giant boss and eventually fight an air ship. Yes, this game has many over whelming and extreme battles. Throughout the play through, the way in which you fight changes many times. When you are fighting the giant, it’s almost like you are playing a shooting game (like Star Fox). Then when you fight the air ship, you get to play a traditional action game where you can jump and move around freely and attack freely. However, the main point about this game is how angry you get and over whelming the battles can be.

The gameplay was extremely predictable, though, this is not a bad thing. The gameplay was fun and energetic. It had your typical action oriented game button lay out. There were also many cinematic quick time events that looked amazing. I had no problems getting used to the controls and just having some good ol’ fashioned beat ‘em up fun. Alas, there were certain points in the game where I felt that the game play was becoming repetitive. I am assuming that this is only because it was a demo. I am sure the game play will become more varied and from what I have seen in other trailers, you will be able to use other characters.

So there is some hope for this game! Plain and simple: if you enjoy games like God of War, Ninja Gaiden and Bayonetta, you will enjoy Asura’s Wrath for sure! If you have not played the games that I mentioned or any other action game, I do not see the harm in picking up Asura’s Wrath and experiencing the fun you can have from such a simple game.
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Photography by Linda Thai

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