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Post NYCC/NYAF 2011 with Peter Tatara Part 4

Please read Part 3 of the interview before reading Part 4

Facing the Concerns continuation

In regards to the guest appearances, the website listed guests ranging from literature to entertainment. However, not all of the information provided stated when or where they would be signing autographs. Sometimes one would only find out if the fan attended an event or panel that had the guest the day of, or by accident at a booth that was under a different name. For example, Sesame Street had autograph sessions, but their booth was under their partner's name WeLoveFine. The only reason that I realized that the company was there was because the Oscar puppet was on display, and there was a cardboard announcement about the signings. For next year's convention, I wonder if ReedPop will be able to obtain all autographing information ahead of time. Then it could inform the attendees prior to the event, so that the attendees will not miss their chance to meet the guest; especially if he/she is not in the autographing area?

Reedpop lists as much information about the autograph sessions, that they were aware of, online. In order for that to happen panelists and exhibitors has to provide that information. Basically, if the final panelist list or when/where the autograph session will be held was provided during the week or day of, it would be difficult for ReedPop to inform the attendees. “It's not all linked up in the best manner, and having our bios, autographing pages, and panel pages talk to each other and share this information is a priority for 2012.” Tatara's personal experience can relate to this situation:
“Did you know the creator of Mega Man was at the convention last year? Yup. I didn't find out until the day after the show. So, we're working on having systems synced up more, but we're never going to get "all" of it captured in a single snapshot, as the show isn't static. It's always changing.”
In regards to the Masquerade, there was a delay for at least 1 hr; unlike last year when the attendees were allowed into the theatre more or less on time. What in the world happened?! Apparently, it was “an unavoidable delay.” It was due to the long day of scheduled content that drew a massive amount of people to the theatre . As a result, the IGN Theater got backed up, which in turn effected the scheduled start time of the Masquerade. According to Tatara,
“Looking at next year's con, we're already deep in talks about solutions to this. For example, we could place hard, half-hour breaks in between each piece of content. Doing so, though, means less overall content.”
Other than the delay in the start time, there was no press line, expect for a VIP line. Last year, there was a press line. So, why was there a change this year? “Simply put, we're at a crossroads with press at the convention.” The press at NYCC and NYAF comes in various different medium and levels that ranges from online media such as bloggers and podcasters to print, like The New York Times. According to Tatara, giving all the press instant access to the events inside and outside of IGN Theater is not doable. Referring back to my mentioning of the small Sunrise panel room, Tatara explains why press can not always get first dips:
“We can't let half that room fill with podcasters who want to walk right in. I don't mean to sound like I'm shouting at the little guys and the fan media, but when you have such a large mass of fan media at the show it becomes difficulty to give everyone preferential treatment. We're right now talking with our friends at PAX around their press process, but the who, what, where, when, and why of press at New York Comic Con is something that needs to be retooled for 2012.”
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