Monday, March 10, 2014

Lolita Fashion at Otakon 2013

Lolita adorning a Korean brand dress. She must be the 3rd person that I have seen wear this distinctive design. The colors are so pretty! I researched online to see what brand sold this dress. Even though I figured out which brand the design is from, unfortunately, I am a couple years too late. (T_T)

My friend and I were in the video game room when we spotted this young lady. I approached her and asked if she was a Sweet Lolita Maid. She was very happy that I was able to figure out the style that she was going for. I told that her choice of accessories worked with the maid outfit, which was why I thought she was combining Sweet Lolita and Maid. So good job!

Now this is pretty creative. When I noticed the young ladies in the Dealers Room, I asked myself are they cosplaying as Star Trek characters and made the outfits with skirts instead of pants. Well my curiosity piqued to the point where I asked the young ladies if they were cosplaying. I learned that the young ladies combined the attire of Star Trek with Lolita. :D That is pretty cute and I can definitely see the combined interpretation.

Unintentional Pirate Lolita! Yes, it looks like a Pirate Lolita to me. Apparently, according to her, others thought she was one too. Plus, I like the pattern on the dark fabric. (^_^)

The one and only Wa Lolita that I saw at Otakon. Nice design and fabric choice by her mom. THUMBS UP!

© 2014 Linda Thai
Photography by Linda Thai
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