Monday, July 6, 2009

UrumaDelvi and the Anime/Manga Creator's Day at Kinokuniya Sunday 7/12/2009

12 PM - World Cosplay Summit Team USA. India Davis and Liz Licata will be traveling to Japan at the end of July to compete in the World Cosplay Summit -- the Olympics of Cosplay. Come see them at Kinokuniya to find all about their costumes and their plans for Japan.

1 PM - Misako Rocks! Manga creator Misako Rocks! will be presenting a manga workshop, highlighting her style and giving tips to aspiring artists.

2 PM - Veronica Taylor. Veronica Taylor, the voice behind numerous anime characters, will be joining Misako Rocks! on stage to demonstrate what it takes to be a voice actor, creating voices live to sketches drawn by Misako.

3 PM - Jose Velsaco. Jose is an illustrator and animator who's worked on Saturday Night Live, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and TMNT. He'll be showing off clips of his work and discuss working in the US animation industry.

4 PM - UrumaDelvi. Samurai Beat Radio will host Delvi of anime studio UrumaDelvi and demonstate UrumaDelvi's animation software. UrumaDelvi are a husband and wife team responsible for a number of popular animations in Japan, chief among which being the "Oshiri Kajiri Mushi" or "Bottom-Biting Bug". Discover more at

5 PM - Raffle. Win DVDs, posters, and even tickets to the New York Anime Festival!

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