Saturday, July 18, 2009

Who wants to help Tokyopop at San Diego Comic Con?

The TOKYOPOP booth will be short a couple staff members at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con (which is taking place July 23-26) so what better way to fill in those spots than with our dedicated TOKYOPOP fans?

How you might ask? By entering a Tokyopop contest to get a chance to win a ticket to San Diego Comic-Con. The deadline is July 20, 2009.

So send in your submission now and prove why YOU deserve the free ticket and this awesome opportunity to be a TOKYOPOP staff member for a day! It can be either a picture or a short video showing us why you deserve to win this contest—your love for manga, you dressed up in your best cosplay costume...anything!

Check out the contest information on how to submit your entry.

Check out what events Tokyopop has in stored for San Diego Comic Con.

Please read the Tokypop Competition Official Rules before entering.

Good Luck!

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