Sunday, July 26, 2009

Anime Gets the Attention of Conan O'Brien

Yes, the Conan O'Brien from NBC was checking out anime and discovering what it is all about at Bang Zoom and Manga Entertainment. So what makes this information important? One, anime is being recognized and spoken about by a well known individual in the American entertainment industry. Second, this provides promotional outreach or PR for anime to individuals, who may not be familiar with the genre. Third, the discovering was shown on a popular American late night talk show that broadcast on television and reaches to many houses and homes. Need I say more?
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Check out the link below for the video!
Conan O'Brien Dubs Anime: Late night host has fun with Ghost in the Shell By Chris Beveridge, Mania Beyond Entertainment, July 25, 2009

Also the video is really funny :)

Thanks to a friend for sending me the link (^_^)

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