Saturday, August 1, 2009

In General New York Comic Con 2009


In Detail

The Future??

Yes, I know: can it be any later? Well, it can, but as the saying goes “better late than never.” Remember, I do go to graduate school, so my main focus will be on school. So what can I say about New York Comic Con 2009? In general, it was my first time being press there and I met a lot of different professionals. There were a lot of things to see, so below are shots of the convention. The first sets are overhead shots of the convention exhibition hall. It was pretty packed with roughly 77,000 attendees exploring and absorbing the con’s atmosphere. There were at least 20 rows of booths, with the autographing, podcasting, food court and the artist alley near the back of the hall. In the second set of shots, are some detail observations of the convention. To clarify the first picture (as I recall) is the press entrance, which is the one I went through Friday morning and the second shot is the professional registration area. The rest of the shots are pictures of booths and displays ranging from comics, video games to trading card games. Again, there was just too much to see and to take pictures of: lots of hanging displays, stand ups and full of decorations! Ok, hope you will enjoy the pictures!
© 2009 Linda Thai

Visit the NYCC Blog Archive 1 and Archive 2 and the NYCC website and floor plan for more information about the convention!

Photography by Linda Thai and Jason Linetsky

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