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Getting to Know: ABRAMS Books and Manga Shakespeare Part 1


I would like to introduce to you Ms. Maggie Lehrman! (Applause) She was an English major at Harvard University and previously, for one year, worked for HarperCollins. Currently, she is the editor of Manga Shakespeare and has been working at Abrams for four years. Her responsibilities as editor are acquiring “novels and picture books for Abrams Books for Young Readers and Amulet and edit them for publication.”

Since Manga Shakespeare is the first manga product under ABRAMS belt, what about their only Editor for the series? Well, the series is also Lehrman “first experience with manga.” She has been “interested in graphic novels for many years.” However, this is the first time she “had the opportunity to work on a manga series. Since it is not traditional Japanese manga, it has been slightly different than the experience other publishers have had importing original mangas.

Work Experience

Lehrman decided to have a career in publishing because “I love books, especially books for young readers, so it is very rewarding to be able to work on projects that I care about and see them through from idea to bound book.” ABRAMS has just the right ingredients to create an environment suitable for Lehrman. “It is a medium-sized house, which means that you really get a sense of how all the departments work together and you’re always aware of what other imprints are doing.” Along with the awareness of the activities functioning in other departments, according to Lehrman, “there’s freedom to pursue your passions and a high level of attention to detail and quality.”

So would this be a place one would like to work at? Lehrman’s advice to those who may be interested in publishing is to “read everything you can and visit the book store often.” Not only that, but “thinking about good stories and what makes a good story is the best preparation for editing.
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Stay tune for Part 2!
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