Sunday, August 23, 2009

Media Report: Lolita Fashion Day 2009

OOooo Yummy cake! The cake was very pretty and nicely decorated. It was one of the props for the photo shoot. I wonder who ate it in the end?

Here is a young lady setting up the bakery goods for the photo shoot. Lots and lots of sweets! Frosty with taste!

The set for the photo shoot: simple and neat.

Here are the people helping out and getting ready for the event.

Yes, it was packed! It was quiet and calm before, but it got jam packed! Here the Lolitas, both girl style and boy style, are waiting for their turns to be part of the photo opportunity.

Here the Lolitas are posing for the camera. There were a lot of photos taken with different groups. So lots of professional group shots that day.

Those involved in the photo shoot work were making sure the scene was just right.

It got so packed that even the café was crowded and full of Lolitas. They are chilling and eating. It was a lolita hang out day ☺

Another type of group shot, without the props. You can see the photographers and professionals at work. Strike a pose Lolitas!

The event is over and the lovely lolitas are leaving. However, the it does not mean you have to stop being a lolita fashion lover. So keep the love for the fashion going!
© 2009 Linda Thai

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Photography by Linda Thai

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