Monday, January 7, 2013

Media Report: Lolita Fashion at Anime Boston 2012

On Saturday April 7 at 2pm was the start of the Lolita Fashion: Style for The Frilly Masses panel. It began with a 90 minute slide show presentation introducing the fashion, the styles, like Wa and Pirate, and the type of clothing pieces, such as tops and bottoms, involved in it. Following the presentation was the fashion show. Enjoy the photos below!

Ashley (left) and Carrie (right) were the hosts of the panel and fashion show.

Kiki in Sweet Lolita

Becky in Country Lolita

Olivia in Over The Top (OTT) Sweet Lolita

Darcy in OTT Sweet and handmade Lolita with Care Bears theme

Remi in a handmade cake dress

Caitlin in Hime (Princess) Lolita

Sophia in Classic Mermaid/Nautical

Chelsey in Casual Lolita

Josh in Aristocratic Lolita

Mic in Kodona

Shiro (white color) and Kuro (black color) Twinning by Tiffany and Erica (not sure who is who)

Sweet Lolita Triplets by Jess, Naomi and Anya (not sure who is who)

© 2013 Linda Thai

Photography by Chet Royer

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