Monday, April 22, 2013

Grab Bags at Otakon 2012

Your plan is to go to Otakon and have fun. Then you have so much fun that you want to bring something back with you as a keepsake. Some of us take pictures while others keep their badges and a program guide. However, what happens if that is not enough?

Time to see if you can get something from the Dealers Room! Then another problem arises; what in the world are you going to buy? Especially, when you do not have any idea on what you want. Some people can go to the room and say “Oo! I like this! Me buy!” Others like me, who already know what they want, are hunting for it. What happens if you don’t fit in either category?

Well here’s the interesting thing about Otakon, there were a lot of grab bags. I usually do not come across that many, maybe about 1 or 2 booths. However, I felt like from the corner of my eye, I kept spotting large paper bags. Then when I looked at it fully these bags had the words “Grab Bag,” “One Piece Grab Bag” or “Grab Bag for $25.”

My friend was kind enough to share photos of her grab bags, which comprised of ball joint doll items, Clamp and others

Doll Grab Bag 1 - blonde wig, cat-lens doll eyes, micro-file

Doll Grab Bag 2 - (bigger) brown doll wig, purple doll eyes, micro file

$25 (with tax $27) Grab Bag 1 - Clamp set, mouse pad, one volume of manga and a coaster set

$25 (with tax $27) Grab Bag 2 - the same Clamp set, the same mouse pad, the same coaster set, a different volume of manga

$40 Grab Bag - Everything here including the street fighter figurine and the samurai doll

If you do not care about what you get and you just want to get something to surprise yourself with or for another person, then getting a grab bag might fill your desire. However, if you are not comfortable with duplicates of items, this might not be your thing. Keep in mind that buying from different vendors MIGHT reduce the chances of duplications, but no guarantee. So, choose. Happy shopping!

© 2013 Linda Thai

Photography by KB

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f4dLy :) said...

there are many things that can serve as a souvenir when it came to a place

f4dLy :) said...

there are many things that can serve as a souvenir when it came to a place :)