Thursday, April 18, 2013

Meet Michael Golden at 2013 Wizard World Shows

Going 'Rogue': Iconic Michael Golden To Attend Six Wizard World Shows

Hugely popular Wizard World guest Michael Golden, co-creator of the X-Men's "Rogue" character, will be among the top superstar artists at the next six Wizard World shows.

Golden has penciled everything from "Batman" to "Captain America" to "Vampirella." If a fan brings up a character, Golden has probably worked on it at some point in his career.

And his "Storytelling" panels at each event are not to be missed by aspiring artists, or those who just want a little more insight into this iconic artist's work.

See him in Philadelphia (May 30-June 2), New York (June 28-30), Chicago (Aug. 8-11), Columbus (Sept. 20-22), Nashville (Oct. 18-20) and Austin (Nov. 22-24).



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