Monday, August 5, 2013

Anime Boston 2013 Dealers Room: What’s Going On?

The Dealers Room tends to be the place where people do their shopping. However, it can also be the area where other activities can take place, including the unexpected.

Live streaming from the FUNimation booth.

Lizbeth R. Jimenez, the author of Sacred, was selling her books throughout the weekend, sort of. Keep reading and you will see what I mean.

The Pendant Peddler hammering away on metal. I have never seen a black smith before (other than in movies), let alone a modern day black smith.

One of the first things I did was purchase the Convention Exclusive Sword Art Online (SAO) wall scroll , because I wanted the ticket for the Sunday autograph session with Director Tomohiko Ito, Producer Shinichiro Kashiwada, Bryce Papenbrook voice of Kirito and Cherami Leigh voice of Asuna. As the picture was taken on Saturday, all 200 tickets were already gone.

With the popularity of SAO, there was a cosplay gathering at the Aniplex Booth . This explains why the booth was set up to have a big empty space. Many characters from the series posed in front of the SAO display for photos. Pictured here is Yui.

An autograph session at the FUNimation booth. The line wrapped around two corners of the booth.

At the booth, there was an Ultimate Madoka figure raffle. People signed up for the site as part of the raffle entry requirement, which happened on the same day as the raffle. It began at 4:30pm on Saturday and a quite a bit of ticket numbers were called. My friend and I had numbers that were ONE number off of what was called, but no, we did not win. Finally, someone shouted Holy Crap and the winner was Boy Ranma.

Remember the booth for the manga Sacred that I mentioned above? Well, look what I came across on Saturday. Already her books were sold out. I have never seen this happen for a dealer (there tends to be leftovers into Sunday). Congratulations to Lizbeth R. Jimenez!

The moment we SAO ticket holders were waiting for! Pictured from left to right are Bryce Papenbrook, Cherami Leigh, Shinichiro Kashiwada and Tomohiko Ito. They signed our wall scrolls and Tomohiko Ito did something cool with his signature.

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