Friday, August 2, 2013

Anime Boston 2013: Random Commentary

Friday, May 24th

When I was about to enter the convention door, I spotted this lovely Saber doll!

Out of all the T-shirts that I have seen, this one crack me up so bad. It is humorous and sentimental. I am so guilty of this…TWICE! Can I use double jeopardy here? Did it once to a cosplayer and another…to a photo of me holding the Triforce Shield and Sword! LOL!

I’m not really into pink nor have much interest in Miku, but this plush looks cute and pretty. Unfortunately, look at the price (-_-); This booth that I saw this at had many overpriced merchandise.

I actually don’t remember this food room last year. I recall there being food outside this room, but not IN a room. Unfortunately, they did not have many food choices. I rather stick to the mall food outside.

Saturday, May 25th

During the Lolita Fashion Show, I spotted this young lady. As you can tell she had the most unique and compatible accessory to her dress! Yes, the spoon is real and she painted it gold.

Ultimate Madoka x 2! Then if you try to look closely, you can see the Sword Art Online scripts with artwork drawn on it. Too bad I do not have that kind of money to bid on it. I would have went for the Silica script.

In speaking of Silica, I found one! The first of three! Guess what? I’m cosplaying as her too. You can check out my random progress @lynthatye

Now this one confused me a bit. I was not interested in the signing, BUT according to the sign and I took this picture before noon, there should be one happening at this booth. For some reason, there was no one there and the table for the booth was pushed back against the wall. I guess their schedule or location changed?

FUNimation, I am impressed! Finally, a redesigned more elaborate booth! Their usual bookcase style booth was becoming dated, so this is definitely something fresh.

I never seen a booth with so many cats (O_O) They had those cutesy Alpacas too.

This is kind of sad…but then again…dinosaurs ARE extinct…Yoshi must live!

Sunday, May 26th

This is not hard to accomplish. Because Hynes Convention Center is attached to the Prudential Center, there is a food court and restaurants right outside the entrance. Yes, PLEASE shower and get some sleep!

You cannot really tell from the photo, but those neon looking images on the t-shirts are animated. Yes, ANIMATED. The sound bars go up and down and some images flicker.

The most organized set of wall scrolls that I have ever seen inside AND outside of a convention. Most retailers just has them all bunched up together. Us consumers tend to have to dig through piles of scrolls...

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