Monday, August 19, 2013

My Adventures at Madoka Magica with Lauren Landa

On Friday, I went to check out the video game room, because it was supposed to be open. However, it was not open yet and a line had already formed. Instead of waiting around for it, I decided to walk down the hallway to see what was happening in Panel Room C. To my surprise, Lauren Landa, who is the voice of Kyoko Sakura, was having a panel. I heard that she was a guest this year and was having a panel, but I did not realize that her panel was happening now at this location.
I figured, hey, it is Madoka related, let me just go in and see what’s up. I walked in and saw a water cooler. I got my cup of water and decided to stand in the back to observe. I was actually thinking about leaving after finishing my drink to meet up with a friend. While I went to throw out my cup, I heard Landa say “Say ‘Hi’ to Homura.” In the split second that I had, I thought there was a Homura with her in the front of the panel. All of a sudden I heard the entire audience say “Hi Homura,” I looked up, and she said “Yes, we’re talking to you in the back.” That’s when I realized that she was putting me on the spot! I am sure that you can tell by now that I was cosplaying as Homura Akemi from the series. There was no one else in the back, so I responded with “Oh hello!” ^_^; Boy was that a completely cute unexpected moment! XD
Landa invited me to sit down for her panel and the whole thing was literally focused on Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I swear there were times were panels tend to lose track of the panel theme, but this panel did not. Attendees had an opportunity to ask questions relating to the show and the voice actress’s work on the series. When answering certain questions, she tried very hard to avoid spoilers. While answering a question, she discovered a “Papi,” male version of Mami, in the audience, and she did her own voice version of Homura. I even got my question answered, which was what other character would you voice? She said Homura, and apparently, she auditioned for that role too! ^_^ At the end of the panel, I went up to Landa and requested a picture with her. She was so nice about it and even complimented my outfit. Yeah, the whole experience made my day. ^_^

© 2013 Linda Thai

Photography by Linda Thai

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