Monday, January 20, 2014

Cristina Vee Signing at Otakon 2013

At last year's Otakon, I got autographs from the voice actors for Madoka, Sayaka and Kyoko. All I was missing were Mami and Homura. At the time, I thought to myself, I probably would not be able to get the other voice actors' signature in the future. Especially since companies tend to stop promoting a series after a certain time. I would be pretty lucky to get Homura and Mami's signature. Lo' and behold! Otakon announced a name that looked familiar to me: Cristina Vee. I had to double check the name and realized it was the voice actress for Homura Akemi!

So the hype was on, and I had to get there at least an hour before the time of the scheduled signing. I remember last year during Otakon, I saw other Madoka Magica cosplayers. This year for Vee, I looked at the line to see who else was cosplaying, but my friends and I were the only ones. So sad, but it was ok.

Since we were going to wait a while we all sat in line on the carpet. The young man in front of me asked about my cosplay. He did not realize that Vee did the voice of Homura. If memory serves me right, I believe he only knew her for her video game voice acting. As all of us continued waiting, we found something to occupy ourselves with. I had my 3DS, so I kept checking for Mii’s every minute, while others played with their phones or card games to kill time.

The signing did not start on time; it was scheduled for 11am. I believe we waited close to about 20 to 30 minutes past the listed time for the signing to begin. So everyone got up from their comfy floor spots and group by group we were allowed to enter the room where she was located. The group of people I went in with, I think, were the last ones. After we entered the room, the doors closed and I did not see anyone else allowed in. Lucky me!

Here comes the fan girl moment! When we reached the front of the line, Vee spotted us, had a bright smile and waved at us. Obviously, we all waved back, but I had a “Yay! She recognized us!” moment of joy inside me. :3 So, one by one we got our autographs and one of the staff members was nice enough to take a picture of us three with Vee. Then we were on our merry way.

Thank you Otakon for hosting Vee’s signing session and thank you Cristina for taking the time out to interact with your fans!

© 2014 Linda Thai
Photography by Linda Thai
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